Monday, 5 January 2015

A Year On The Run / Un Año Corriendo

January/ Enero
First trip to Brecon of the year with Sof for some mountains

February/ Feberero 

Full Winter conditions mega loop with Alan Royle. Kinder Scout, Peak District. UK


A win at Imber Ultra with Guy and James


Pleased to be home in Mallorca
 after 117km across the Tramuntana mountains - 18th place


Not Strictly running - 
but a great trip across Salisbury Plain with Sof 


Welsh 1,000m race with Owen

Commuting home from work across the Cotswolds with Sof- Beautiful Kelston Round Hill in the background -

Westbury Whitehorse Challenge with James


UK Ultra Trail Championships - Lakeland 50 (8th place) 

Looking back nostalgically on Wednesday
recce night in the Langdale Valley


With Olly and Rich in fantastic Vancouver


First day on the Great Divide

Meeting Danny Fundinger

Big sky days on the Divide

Deep and Dirty on the Divide

Late September, deep in Montana


Trails in Boulder Colorado with Boulder Breakfast Club

Running into the snowline in Autumn in Colorado 


Training runs up to Salta Apoquindo /
entrenamiento Parque Natural aguas de Ramón 


Volcano Ultra Trail - Volcan Osorno